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Attack of the Burping Lecherous Bum Otters (Rivers Week) - That was Genius Episode 30

August 22, 2019

Episode 30, can you believe it? And to celebrate, this week's episode is particularly silly. We've been looking at rivers.

Tom dives right in with a (quite roundabout) look at the ferrymen of folklore, from Ireland's speedboat-driving Manannán mac Lir and his sword of truth (he doesn't actually have a speedboat), to a battle of wits over a ferry ride between Thor and Odin.

Meanwhile, Sam's gone to Japan to explore the dark and deeply funny folklore of the Kappa, the farting, childish, but deadly imps which haunt Japanese waterways drowning unsuspecting passers by. Unless, of course, you throw them a cucumber. Some of the artwork surrounding the Kappa is brilliant, so do check out our social media to see more (links below)

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