"Doctor Doctor, give me the news, I've got a bad case of loving you": Sounds serious, try rubbing this cream made out of seeds and good energy on it.

Yes, this week we're abandoning responsible medicine, not reading the label, and diving into the world of quacks, frauds and charlatans. Tom kicks us off with a look at the history of piss prophecy, or examining people's urine to determine what's wrong with them. In reality, it's more asking someone questions whilst looking at their wee and taking a wild stab, but hey, the ancient Greeks were into it so it must be good, right?

Next up, Sam heads to Brazil for the strange story of Dr Adolf Fritz, the German surgeon who died in WW1 and now (apparently) inhabits the bodies of completely unqualified Brazilian conmen, allowing them to perform miraculous surgery on thousands of sick people. It's one of Brazil's most believed - and bizarre - urban legends.

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From bizarre events and stories to equally odd inventions, barely a day goes by without something incredible (or incredibly stupid) happening around the world.

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