How do you prove an arch-nemesis history teacher wrong? How many facts can you find beginning with the letter Q, and how many make it onto a major British TV panel show? How do you stay curious?
John Lloyd knows the answers to all these questions and many more (including plenty of general knowledge), as the creator of the TV series QI and host of BBC podcast The Museum of Curiosity. He's also the name behind sketch shows Not The Nine O'Clock News and Spitting Image, as well as legendary comedies Blackadder and the radio version of Douglas Adams' legendary Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
So we've got plenty to talk about!

Welcome to That Was Genius' "the Other Genius", a little side-hustle in which we catch up with other history creators and fanatics and talk about why they love history, what they get out of it, and their favourite quirky stories from the past. 


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Welcome to That Was Genius: Two blokes. A 12-hour time difference. An immature sense of humour. And 10,000 years of human civilisation. A weekly podcast looking at the weirder side of history.

Join Sam Datta-Paulin (he likes history and lives in Britain) and Tom Berry (he also likes history but lives in New Zealand), for a weekly reflection on the bold, the brilliant... And the downright strange.

From bizarre events and stories to equally odd inventions, barely a day goes by without something incredible (or incredibly stupid) happening around the world.

We upload new episodes every Wednesday night/Thursday morning (UK time).

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