Introducing Leo Major - Canada's WW2 answer to Rambo - and Quintus Fabius Maximus Cunctator, or 'Quintus the Delayer', the Roman general who beat Hannibal by, well, sort of hiding from him. Historical figureheads (with a military twist) are the topic of this pilot episode!

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Welcome to That Was Genius: A weekly podcast looking at the weirder side of history. 

Two blokes. A 12-hour time difference. An immature sense of humour. And 10,000 years of human civilisation.

Join Sam Datta-Paulin (he likes history and lives in Britain) and Tom Berry (he also likes history but lives in New Zealand), for a weekly reflection on the bold, the brilliant... And the downright strange.

From bizarre events and stories to equally odd inventions, barely a day goes by without something incredible (or incredibly stupid) happening around the world.

We upload new episodes every Wednesday night (UK time). 

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That Was Genius is produced by Glorious Republic Broadcasting.


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