Welcome to That Was Genius. We're a rather silly history podcast.


Around 15 years ago, two friends who met studying history. Now on different sides of the world, they are united by a love of the past, an even greater love of terrible accents, and a shared sense of humour.


Each week, Tom (in New Zealand) and Sam (in the UK) share little-known history stories on a theme. The topic is decided a week ahead, but everything else that happens is unplanned (but quite heavily edited – Sam).


How it works: We release new episodes every Thursday morning (UK time). Episode length is 45 minutes to one hour.


The first 30 seconds are a teaser for the rest of the episode, usually a clip from later on or a bit which didn't really fit in elsewhere.


The next five minutes or so are housekeeping, and general discussion around the topic.


The tension builds as we flip something to decide who goes first.


Then we take it in turns to discuss our story for the week. Usually with lots of jokes, interruptions and terrible accents. We normally harp on for about 20 minutes each.


Then there's a couple of minutes of wrap up at the end, and we decide on a topic for next week.


Simple! You can listen to us at www.thatwasgeniuscast.com, OR on your app of choice via this link here: http://bit.ly/ThatWasGeniuslinks

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