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Tom: What's orange and sounds like a parrot.

Sam: I don't know. What is Our engine? Sounds like a parrot. A carrot? Ah, that is fucking awful. As exactly what I was hoping for. A welcome one and all to Episode two and 1/2 slash three off. That was genius Weekly podcast in which two men on different sides of the world share something amazing about history that the other has never heard before. There's a vague theme for each week. This week's theme is a great historical journeys. Have you found this one time?

Tom: Well, this is what this is a good one, Sam. I really do enjoy journeys. Discovery, exploration. This is a good one.

Sam: I have to admit, I have been struggling to narrow it down to just one. There are so many that I wanted to talk about. I think the one I've got is a pretty good one, but we're definitely gonna have to come back and do this again at some point because absolutely pissing myself at some of the stupid things that people have gotten up too, on their on their travels.

Tom: Yeah, yeah, yeah. There's some cracking ones. Some of the ones in middle Ages. I know I studied quite food than when I was at university. There. Just outstanding. I'm really, really, really funny. Some of the monsters that were the people were expecting to find when they started traveling outside that sort of known spheres it's hilarious, is great stuff.

Sam: Why, like as well, particularly the medieval stuff. Is that when people didn't see the monsters but have heard about them? They just drew them on the maps anyway, because they're definitely be dragons here.

Tom: Absolutely. Or they just pushed him slightly further afield. There are. We didn't find the seven headed dog men, but they were just round the corner. They were a little bit further away.

Sam: Next village there in the next village.

Tom: Yes. So what did you go for, Sam?

Sam: I have gone for the hard off Mansa Musa. The walk which ruined an economy. And what have you gone for, Tom?

Tom: I've gone for the saga of Erik the Red, which is a Viking saga. Now, I did want to say that in a Viking accent, but I don't know what a Viking accent is. Have you gotta do you know, if I connect would be

Sam: well given that the Scandinavians speak English better than the English. Do I imagine that this is a perfectly acceptable Viking accent right now?

Tom: That's a bit boring. I was thinking, like, across.

Sam: All right. Five

Tom: e was think it would be like a cross between a pirate on, like a stereotypical Scandinavian, which I was hoping you would attempt.

Sam: Okay. But I think what you're about to hear is probably a drunken Dutch mint.

Tom: Okay, Go for it,

Sam: Yaar. I am I making a lesson? I like to feel like your furniture. And

Tom: that's exactly what mine sounded like when I was practicing in the car earlier. Or our Lord door har

Sam: along boats. Please bury me in my boat. Started to sound really racist. Lee Indian Horribly wrong.

Tom: I was about to say, That's what That's what happens when people crapper accents. They are You sound like a bad Indian or about Jamaican accent. They That's what they always end up anyway. So yes. Yeah, I've gone for the seige of Erik the Red and I will I will do it in Queen's English. Sam, I would I would take you through the story of Of Erik the Red and some of his relatives in Queen's English

Sam: Perfect. I will not be doing an African accent for Ah, Mansa Musa. Safe ground that won that seat. This un controversial, shall we? Right? Who is going to go first? That a Thomas. We flip a coin.

Tom: Go for it. Let's flip a

Sam: coin flipping a coin. I've not got my wallet on me. But I do have next to me for reasons unknown. A three meter bright pink tape measure. So would you think if I throw this up in the air, is it going to go on the side? That has the little clip on it? Or the side that says three meter 10 foot tape measure Make it cold on

Tom: what they're have So professional Sam, I'm gonna go for the pit with the clip on, please.

Sam: You're gonna go for the clip on

Tom: the clip on up. So the clip ons gonna face up

Sam: on the facing up right? Ah, beautiful sound effect. Genuinely. I have just tossed the tape measure up in the air on it has landed on thesis ID with a sticker that says three meters on it and I'm going to go first I think I'd like to start today.

Tom: Excellent. You go ahead.

Sam: And so today I'm going to talk to you about as I've already alluded the hajj off Mansour Moussa. The long walk that destroyed the world economy.

Tom: I may have heard of this one, Sam. I really don't know the details, but you've actually just There was a spark in my mind when you said that. I think I may have heard a bit about this. I'm looking forward to it.

Sam: That's possibly good. Possibly bad because I don't have an alternative. If you have heard of it, you're just gonna have to feign amazement, Tom.

Tom: Yeah, I'll do that. I don't know much. I just that just that rang a bell. So I think this is gonna be good.

Sam: I wouldn't be surprised if you'd heard of Mansa Musa, the first of Marley, because he was one of history's richest people. He waas absolutely loaded one of the wealthiest people ever to have lived on Dhe. His story's a bit of an interesting one, actually. He became king by accident. He was the chief advisor to his predecessor, who insisted that he wanted to go off on an ocean trip to explore new worlds. He thought that there were new lands to be conquered beyond the horizon, which, of course, there were. But he vanished without a trace. So whoever advised him to go on that trip, his chief advisor really should take a long, hard look at himself. And, uh oh, look, he became the king. Absolutely nothing suspicious.

Tom: Yeah, And how did he make all his money sound? This rich man's Mussa

Sam: Mussa inherited the throne as the 10th king of Marley in 13 12 and immediately became nudie Chrisley ludicrously rich the Empire. Molly was pretty large about the size of Peru on being growing rapidly for around.

Tom: That's great, because I know how big Peru is.

Sam: Just imagine Peru on go from there.

Tom: Everyone knows how big Peru is,

Sam: All right? It's also roughly the size of South Africa. I don't know what you want from me. I'm gonna have to put this in some kind of context. That's easy to reference. So look at a fucking map

Tom: way. Always, Sam do what everyone else doesn't just reference Wales or football pitches pitches as it sounds.

Sam: Okay, I'm gonna head out the awkward pause as I try and work out in football pictures. How big this Waas

Tom: Join me to place the music Sound

Sam: bright Football pitch in square kilometers. I'll

Tom: place a music video. D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! Yet

Sam: so one square kilometer is 186 football pitches. Okay, We are looking at around 186,000,000. Football pitch is excellent. There you go.

Tom: That's much easier to picture.

Sam: Oh, fuck it. So it didn't start with that?

Tom: Ah, Somalia's the size of 186,000,000 Football pitches good.

Sam: Yep, absolutely On been growing rapidly for around a century before Mansa Musa came along on Dhe, he grew even Maur. He captured most of Mauritania and as a result, he took on quite a lot of the sub Saharan trade routes. Marley was very well positioned. It also had ridiculous gold and salt reserves, The largest known in the world at the time, it was where most of the world's gold came from and had them for several centuries. So being the Mansour, the king was basically a ticket to print money. There's no real way to assess how wealthy he actually was because there was literally nothing to compare it to at the time. But I've seen estimates are the personal wealth of around $400,000,000,000 in today's money. So he was wealthier than most entire European countries at the time. His personal wealth. That's not including the wealth of the empire. That's just his cash. So a very, very rich man. But he was also very pious man and a very generous man and a devout Muslim, hence wanting to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca hajj. So in 13 24 he packed his bags, headed off on on the way, single handedly ruined the entire economy of the Islamic world for a decade just by trying to be generous, because the problem with having more money than anyone in the world has ever seen is that it's very easy to Ming overspend slightly.

Tom: Oh God, yeah, I'm seeing where this is going.

Sam: So yeah, it's exactly that it was a very long trip, a journey of about 9000 kilometers, or about five and 1/2 1000 miles, or in the football pitch each thing. Okay, I think it's about 85,000 football pitches alot

Tom: about about the size about the size of chili,

Sam: very much so. It's about 35,000,000 blue whales. I'm really I'm making that up. That's a completely pulled out my

Tom: exit. Well, it's nice to hear you pulled a blue whale out your ass.

Sam: I've done worse. The trip would take him all across Central Africa and then up through Egypt. So it was quite the backpacking trip. There's no carriages, really. At this point, there's no road, so you're gonna have to pack light. Well, not if you're the richest man in the world, Tom, because Manson overnight bag contained the following 60,000 of his closest companions and their friends and relatives.

Tom: Hold on in a bag. One bag. How big is this is easily that Mary Poppins.

Sam: Yeah, it's, um, he's got a massive sack.

Tom: His carry on

Sam: Manson Moussa's massive sack.

Tom: Is that what this story is called?

Sam: Yeah, with hindsight, that is the name of this episode

Tom: case. We had lots and lots and lots of really tiny people.

Sam: He at 60,000 people, which in football pictures is about 3000. He also had 12,000 slaves, each carrying a little under two kilograms of gold. He had 80 camels with up to 135 kilograms of gold each on 500 servants to march in front of his possession, each carrying a five kilogram golden staff. So in all cheese took 32 tons of gold on holiday with him had a change of pan. Wow, probably

Tom: is lucky. Didn't encounter any Vikings. Jesus. I mean, it's just a walk in. Surely he was targeted?

Sam: Probably, but he's got 60,000 friends with him, so you'd have to be quite the rubber band. Yeah, take that off his hands. Although, to be honest, this incredible wouldn't really needed to have asked that Hard to get his cash as well come to that to give you just some idea of how much cash he took with him today. In 2018 all of the gold mines in the world combined produce around 3000 tons of gold a year. So he took with him as holiday spending money 1% of the entire world gold production today. And they remind this was before any machinery. This is before deepmind. So this was stuff that it'll been dug by hand and was incredibly rare. So I did some maths on this because I actually did some research this week. Look at me. Go. Wow! In 2018 money, he took 283,000,000 quid on holiday with him.

Tom: So this was presumably on overland route, wasn't it? So he said he went up through up through Egypt

Sam: s. So he went across Central Africa from west to east and then up the Nile, which was thesafeside. Way to go, I think, at the time, in the route that followed connects emotionally trade routes a very long walk.

Tom: Wow. Yeah, absolutely. That's incredible.

Sam: On being a holy pilgrimage, he decided that he was gonna be charitable. Along the way, Thio splash the cash a little bit and show that he was both incredibly pious and incredibly generous on also kindly give a message to his neighbors that he was a bit too rich to be messed with. A bit of a show of power in a bit of a show of force. So every time he stopped to the market, he would give every single beggar He saw a gold bar. He tipped waiters with literal fistfuls of gold which were worth years of their wages. He overpaid a little for his date. It's and over paid a lot for souvenirs. Souvenirs, By the way. I'm not making that up. There is historical reference to the fact that he bought knickknacks and with most of the places he visited. Like like a good tourist.

Tom: I do believe that the best Knick knack I've ever seen the best souvenir was in the Vatican, where there's a little shop at the top of the Vatican. On there was a little nun running this shop, and you could buy a pope in a snow dome. It was excellent. It was excellent. They were pope calendars as well. You know, Christmas when you get all these shitty calendars do you get like the Cliff Richard? Calendar worries. Look, it's a little bit more embalmed every year. Yeah, there was a pope. There was a pope one as well. It's a great great knickknack shelf. Sorry, Sam. I interrupted.

Sam: No, I was just thinking that in the current pope you got to get the standard ones. You know, his family history photos of the pope through time, kissing babies and all that. The last Pope, You're gonna get photos of a man in a German antiaircraft gun in the calendar on Hey, we all make mistakes, Tom. We all make mistakes like happening to be born in Germany.

Tom: Yeah, protecting Peter Falls.

Sam: Ah, yes. My favorite Vatican souvenir is that there's loads off priests, shops around the Vatican where you can buy priestly attire. Basically lies, ceased suit shops, priest outfitters, and you can just go. And you can buy yourself a bishop outfit and just walk around this stupid house.

Tom: How did I not sport that? Did you do this? Did you go dressed it? Did you go to the Vatican dressed as the pope?

Sam: No, unfortunately, they're really expensive. I didn't have, like, 500 quid to splash on a bishop's hat. Yeah, I'm sure there's some kind of joke or pun in there somewhere, isn't there?

Tom: I was about to say, How'd you rephrase that? Slightly differently. I think it would be appropriate.

Sam: Anyway, back to Mansa Musa, the richest man alive on Dhe. He was giving everyone along the way. Gold. If you tried to rob him, you probably just have to have asked politely and he would have literally punched you with a golden fist and that you keep it. Hey, will say many charitable charitable donations of about half a ton of gold each in Cairo, Medina and Mecca on drew his selfless acts of generosity. He single handedly ruined the economies of every single place he stopped at along the way because the problem and I am not an economist. But I do understand the basic principle that gold is rare and that is why gold is used as money. There are limited stocks of it. You can't just make more gold and have more gold and therefore be richer. You have to have something that is scarce to buy things that you want. So by giving gold away to every single person, rich or poor, that he met along the way more than they ever have made in their lifetimes, it cause the price of goods and food to skyrocket because suddenly money was worthless. Andi so well, firstly, everyone became incredibly poor. Secondly, if you happen to have been in the next market along the one that Mansa Musa hadn't stopped her you were home with a cold that day You were fucked because somebody no matter how well see you were you had just been thrown into absolute plenary by the fact that you were 10 minutes ahead or 10 minutes behind him, that you got out early that morning to get your dates. The at the in laws coming around for tea.

Tom: You have to let you date put in. And you missed bloody mansa coming along. The throne is cash out. Oh,

Sam: absolutely. Money became literally worthless instantaneously, and hyperinflation threatened governments all along his path. And these were some of the wealthiest governments in the world at the time. His donations caused a decade long recession in Cairo, Medina and Mecca. He literally screwed the entire Mediterranean economy as he traveled along his way. But as you know, he was a generous sort of guy. And so, on his way back and learning what he done and that by being incredibly generous, he'd accidentally ruined the lives of everyone he met. He tried to fix it by borrowing back as much gold as he could at ludicrous interest rates from anyone who would lend it to him. So he basically took it all back and said, Look, give it, give me the gold back, and I'll make it worth your while in the long run, which didn't fix the problem at all, because gold have been absolutely mullet. And so everyone had actually had to get rid of it, to try and buy food and essential. So the only people who still had gold were gold traders who made an absolute fortune often so it didn't fix the problem at all. But in the process, he managed to inadvertently control the price of gold for the entire Mediterranean and North Africa. And he's the only man in history ever to have single handedly been able to control the price of gold

Tom: as but say, I I I think he would make an excellent Bond villain.

Sam: He would. But Bond villains tend to not be generous and grew actually quite precarious. Bond villains aren't they always give him a drink before they try and laser his bollocks off.

Tom: Yeah, yeah, and then then explain what they're trying to do. And then James Bond Man District escape, and he takes all the information and destroys them, doesn't it?

Sam: It's a bit like, in fact, it's a bit like the plot off kinsman, too, the Golden Circle.

Tom: That's not supposed to be very good, though, is it?

Sam: Oh, I quite enjoyed it. I thought Elton John didn't Excellent cameo.

Tom: I was speaking to someone recently who also went to the same college that we went to actually Sam. And she comes along to some of the group fitness classes I run on dhe. We were told that famous people that we've encountered on on the subject of King Zeman this girl was saying that she had. She taken Colin Firth out of his car to an event at Winchester Cathedral, and she was most disappointed because she didn't open the door and find Darcy coming out. She opened the door and found a quite old Colin Firth with wrinkles, and it wasn't very tall climax for her. Unfortunately, I think she wanted him to get out with, like, an open collard white shirt and then wet, having just it's cruel doubt the lake. But it didn't happen that way. I'm afraid

Sam: there's definitely something wrong with that image. If you open the back door of your car and Colin Firth caught out absolutely soaking wet, maybe you should just have pushed him into a dark pond.

Tom: Yeah, absolutely. Just throwing some heavy. An over him.

Sam: He'd have loved that.

Tom: She said there was a massive disappointment. So I actually don't I think he can do all that karate in sort of self defense stuff. That doesn't the King's When I actually think that was just put on for the film. What? Yeah, I

Sam: mean, he was very good at fighting in Bridget Jones. Yeah, yes, I gave Hugh Grant. What for?

Tom: Yeah, I could I could just about remember that scene from Pretty Jones. This is a good tangent. Where were we? Well, that's right. Now let's get back to something sensible. It was Mansa Musa and the role he would play in a James Bond film. That's right.

Sam: His impact on history is almost out of a James Bond villain, because if you look at the historical price of gold, which I know is something that all of our audience members will want to d'oh, it's incredibly interesting graph. At around the time Mussa went on his little trip, world gold prices dropped by 50%. Gold wouldn't be as cheap as when he went on his pilgrimage for another 700 years until World War War. So he really had quite the impact.

Tom: That's just nuts, isn't it?

Sam: Yeah, he

Tom: did. He have no idea that this was gonna happen?

Sam: Well, maybe Yes, maybe. No. Most historians think that his intentions were good on dhe. He just wanted to go out and show off a little bit, have a good time and make people happy along the way.

Tom: Well, you know what they say about good intentions, Don't you? Sound the road to hell is paved with good intentions

Sam: yet or in this case, the Roto Mecca.

Tom: Hajj is

Sam: paved with good. There are a few historians who think that actually what he was doing Waas kind of a clever form of economic warfare. The fact that there was so much gold floating around in Mali that he could afford to temporarily ruin the economies off his neighbors and ready his rivals. Bye. Using hyper inflation as a weapon, which would have been incredibly clever and unbelievably advanced for the 14th century. Maybe that's what happened.

Tom: Was there really Is there any evidence that gained in the decades after this trip?

Sam: Well, no. But if you think about it, he could afford to soak up the losses. And if you ruin the economies of all your neighbors by dumping gold onto them, is now worthless. He had so much wealth backed up that he could have still afforded to maintain his regional power so he could have weakened because, you know, you were in the economies of your neighbors. They could no longer afford armies. Food prices are going up. It's causing unrest. So there's there is a theory with no real evidence, as far as I can see to back it up that he did it deliberately to ruin his neighbors under the guise of being a good Samaritan and a generous bloke. I personally think he just went out to party. You know, Royals historically don't have the best reputation for understanding the value of money and the value of wealth. Andi, I think he just went out to splash the cash and make an impression. Either way, he waits one point 5,000,000,000 pounds off the Islamic world's economy. Like all the great bearers of financial disaster, he got off scot free and slunk into obscurity because we don't really know what happened to him after his heart. Despite being the richest man in the world. He got back to Mali in 13 25 on kind of disappeared off the map. Some believe he died shortly after returning home, and his son became the Mansour. Other historical records suggest he was still in charge for another decade or so. He might have retired at some point during that and handed over to his son. No one really knows. There's not much in the way of written records about him. Marley Empire carried on the got ridiculously rich and carried on from there a couple of 100 years, really before collapsing through infighting and the usual competing sons trying to take everything over and then got swallowed up by its neighbors and more or less for gotten. But that is the story on

Tom: Did they? Did they work through their reserves of gold? So did they. What would be the word? Did they basically use up all their natural resources of gold?

Sam: No, it was incredibly wealthy, right up until the end. They never run out of cash, which is why it was such a prize to be split up among the emperor's different sons when it eventually collapsed. on why it was so in demand among the neighbours, Sir. Yeah, that is the story of how one man's holiday trip ruined the entire world economy for a decade.

Tom: Fascinating, I think I had heard a little bit about Mansa Musa, but now that was really, really good to hear more. Batic. It's interesting contrasts because the Viking journeys that I'm gonna describe was certainly know that glamorous. In fact, they sound truly horrendous. They sound like they were just just really rather unpleasant. As I mentioned at the start, I've decided to talk about the saga of Erik the Red, so I've never really looked at Viking Exploration, so I thought this would be quite good fun. But I have heard that a lot of Viking saga is really quite entertaining, and this one is actually quite entertaining. There was some boring bits.

Sam: That's a mad stories. Didn't that

Tom: absolutely. It's really

Sam: the Vikings had some really mental stories about things that they did and actually happened, but also they're kind of their cultural heritage. Their storytelling is bizarre,

Tom: very violent as well, exceptionally violent from what I've read, and I haven't read a lot of it, but Yeah, Very, very violent and quite bizarre.

Sam: I, for one, am shocked about that.

Tom: Yeah, Yeah. They have a reputation for being so kind and generous. Yeah,

Sam: absolutely. Wouldn't. Wouldn't hurt a fly. I

Tom: know. You know, they were very calmly turned up Linda's farm, and they just said, Any guys you mind if we just sit down for a meal and yeah, all blown out of proportion.

Sam: I know, I know.

Tom: So we've got this saga of Erik the Red, which sits really nicely with another side which is called the Greenland saga. And the two of them, the two baiting the two best sources of information regarding Viking exploration beyond Iceland, west of Iceland. Towards screen Land on Dhe, basically North America. Andi, have you heard of Leif Eriksson?

Sam: The name rings a bell.

Tom: Yeah. Good. Good, Because he's rich. He's quite well known again, I think probably like Mansa Musa is quite well known, but be people probably don't know the details. I think it's gonna be good fun. The seige of Erik the Red is the saga, but I chose to look at in greater detail because the Greenland soccer apparently is quite similar. Both documents about from about the 13th century. But they talk about events that took place around the turn of the first millennium around 1000. D.

Sam: S o. About the age of the normal customer for a Viking holiday. We're sorry Saga. Hello. Dining room in the park. A solid holiday. Fuck it

Tom: again. Do it again,

Sam: huh? That seems to be about the normal age for a customer, for Saga holidays. Don't push. I'm not editing that out, either. I'm leaving. That

Tom: 2nd 1 was much better than the first. Now the side gradually starts off pretty slow. It starts off with lots of genealogical stuff. So, you know, Bob, son of Bill, daughter of Julie, had three sons called Jeff, Jim and Jerry. It's all that sort of stuff, their names, some of these names. Fantastic, by the way, Sam, I'm just gonna go through a few of them, some fairly mediocre ones. So, you know, just quite cool. So there's a laugh. The white racist there's owed the deep minded. That's quite a nice one.

Sam: That's a good one. As nicknames go

Tom: the air, there's Helgi, the lean

Sam: again, very complimentary.

Tom: Yes, she had a sister that was Hell, you fat? Uh

Sam: oh. Poor hell Gay!

Tom: The Helga Helga got older boys on Helga. Nobody ever wanted to go on a date with Helga on Dhe, there was ice deemed a rattler. I don't know what he was rattling, but he produced

Sam: a name in there.

Tom: I've seen the rattler

Sam: spinning on the ones and twos. Yeah,

Tom: And then there's little thought. Finn, the Skull Cleaver. That's quite a good

Sam: a Well, that's the name of my first born

Tom: school cleaver on. Now we got some of the best ones. Ford Horsehead. That's a goodie. Yet there's thought Horsehead, This one is particularly good. There's Bjorn the Unguarded and I like the implication of that. The implication that it was unusual for a Viking not to wear a garter. Kinky bastards.

Sam: Big trousers. Bill Low. He came with unguarded to Meade's and his garters down for him.

Tom: You on the unguarded. And best of all, there's kettle, flat nose, brilliant kettle flat nose. What a fantastic name

Sam: is a great name.

Tom: Absolutely, And I thought it could be a bit of a game, couldn't you could play this game on long journeys with your family and it could be. Think of a kitchen utensil or a kitchen electrical equipment and then think of an undesirable facial feature so you could be like toaster big nose.

Sam: I like that.

Tom: Or microwave slapped your hand. That could be quite quite good, came George

Sam: Foreman. Lean, mean, fat grilling machine going. It's good that it's like Tash t pop

Tom: don't they? Could be Sodastream eyes Sodastream, Biggers Microwave mono brow.

Sam: I do quite like that

Tom: Microwave Monica Brown kitchen. Flat nose. Fantastic.

Sam: Michael. A mono brow is definitely my synth pop band name

Tom: my great mono brow. Yeah, I like that. I could I be in your synth pop band? I like synth pop

Sam: you can We're gonna be a Kraftwerk tribute band. I was actually in a Kraftwerk tribute band for a short period of time,

Tom: will you? What was it? Cools.

Sam: It was called Kronstadt.

Tom: Yeah, anyway anyway, right back to the back To the saga of Erik the Red. The first journey that we get described is the journey off Erik the Red. And he was one of the early settlers of Iceland. So Iceland think it was settled around 1000 80 Iceland. If you look it. It's actually quite far from Norway. If you look at it on a map, it's quite far from from Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Sam: How many football pictures would you say it is?

Tom: Uh, to probably about two and 1/2.

Sam: You keep talking. I'm gonna google this again. You okay with that bitches from Denmark?

Tom: Can you shut up? What? You're Googling. Please, Sam, I'm trying to take you through a story here. I don't need a bloody commentary on you on Wikipedia plummet.

Sam: 18,150 football pictures.

Tom: Excellent. Excellent. Useful. A useless fact of the of the podcast with Actually, we've actually had quite a lot of useless facts of the podcast already, haven't we? So he was one of the early settlers of Iceland, and he was banished to an island off Iceland, a small island on the west coast from Raleigh. Researched very strange circumstances. Sound sound. So one of Eric the ridges thanes, which I understand be like a servant to slave caused a land slip. Now, I don't know how you cause a land slip, but it caused damage to to the land of age. Off the foul fights break out their deaths and everyone decides. Actually, let's get rid of Erik. The red is a bit hot tempered. He can't control his land slips, and so he gets banished to some other part of Iceland as far as I'm aware. And then we get another incident. And Eric the Red does seem like a hot tempered chap,

Sam: as his name suggests, Red in the face, maybe

Tom: red in the face, Rid tempered. You're very angry, Eric, because

Sam: they kind of they tended to do that. The Vikings, because they have Bluetooth named after the mobile phone connection, excellent, famously liked blueberries and had blue teeth. And that's where he got his name from something quite quite literal.

Tom: And I didn't know that.

Sam: So whatever his name was, Mr Fowle, whose land was slipped on, I imagine, did horrible farts.

Tom: All just had lots of poultry.

Sam: Yes, possibly loved his chickens.

Tom: That's it sound. A landslip probably killed load of his chickens.

Sam: Ah, I

Tom: I think we've worked it out. That is like it's like Agatha Christie, isn't it? So we have another incident that turns out with fighting in death, and it's over some. It's unclear, Sam. It looks like it's cherished. Magical beads.

Sam: Of course it is.

Tom: He lends thes these beads for a chap called Thought August aunty, later on, Ghost tow goes to reclaim these beads and thought it says he hasn't got them. Will refuses to give them back. And another fight breaks out. There are more deaths on people are even more unhappy with Eric the red now. And he's been

Sam: his fault.

Tom: Well, I think it probably went over the top with the death, Sam. I'm not sure that was necessary for a few beads.

Sam: Are we talking Viking levels of death?

Tom: Ah, what does it say? I think that it is that the Stargate does say that after the incident, both men had quite a lot of armed men around their houses, so it clearly did upset them. You know, there's clearly a lot of angst. Eric's got nowhere to go and so decides. Fuck it. I'm just gonna go. I'm gonna I was gonna say go west. There isn't a pet shop boys song.

Sam: Yes, but why not

Tom: yet decided? Pet shop boys go west and he heard a story that sounds like the start. Fresh Prince of Bel Air doesn't think

Sam: beads outside of the school where a couple of the Vikings, who are up to no good, started making trouble in his long house. Hey, started one little fight and Thor got scared

Tom: and said, You're moving with your auntie and uncle to Greenland, which is exactly what happened. Fuck, That's a good said. We did that. Well, son, I brought that straight back

Sam: listening back. I think we might reconsider whether that was a good segue way. I'm doing air fingers now.

Tom: I thought it worked beautifully. There was a stop with your air fingers efforts. A chap called Gun Bjorn and Gun Bjorn about 100 years earlier had seen land further west, which was presumably green, and And the word has got around. And so, Eric, the red says, fuck it, Nobody wants me here. I've murdered too many people have upset too many people. I'm gonna piss off with a retinue and see if I can find this land that Gumby on talked about 100 years ago. And so he goes off and finds Greenland. Now that journey itself doesn't seem to be particularly eventful, baby, that he does go in for in Greenland and then he returns to Iceland at twilight. It says I have to serve in Greenland. Who wants to come with me? Let's create settlement. Andi is a very canny fellow, this Eric the Red because he realizes if he calls it Greenland. Was it Vineland? Even him? He may have caught it. Vineland. If he gives a good name, he knows that people would be more likely to go. So it was a bit of a marketing advertising genius, this Eric the Red. And so it gives it a good name and inspiring name. And then he gets a load of settlers and they sort of bugger after to this new Greenland. And they said, I think they sell in two places have in Eastern and Western settlement in Greenland. So Eric the Red is the first person to have found Greenland's. That's one of the reasons White, where he's he's fairly famous. I'm not the first person so the first Westerner and find Greenland. Now the next story we get is a story of thought, John, who goes to join Eric. And this is where we start to appreciate how unpleasant this sort of Viking exploration would have been. It really doesn't sound anything like Mansa Musa So threw a ball for Bjorn, decides he's gonna join Erik. He sells everything he's got, gets himself a boat, and off he goes. He has a terrible journey's their fevers and horrible Geils. Half of his crew die on the on the journey to Greenland. And when he gets to Greenland, things aren't looking too good either. So they've just had a pretty tough winter. You know, the story goes on now to talk about a lady called Thorpe George, who was a prophet. Tess. I'm

Sam: getting very confusing lots of storms and Thor buses and thought, he's going on

Tom: absolutely. And I've cut out all the cattle, flat noses and the bureau on the unguarded. I've got rid of as many names as I could bearing in mind that just settled a rather inhospitable land. And I've been struggling with their fishing, and there's been fevers and things like that. Thought George is doing pretty well for herself. Let me just find the source. You maybe had. You may be out of here me and turning over people here because that's how well prepared I am. Sam

Sam: Card. I'm going to insert sound effects of you opening a large and ancient dusty book. Oh,

Tom: excellent connect. Glad that could be a creaky door in the background as well. Oh, love. She's doing very, very well for herself. This this prophet says she's doing very well for someone who basically talks bullshit for a living. So she had glass beads on her neck. She had a black hood of lambskin lined with erm in. She had a staff with a brass nor been lain with in lined with gems. Harry calfskin shoes, Erman skin gloves. She is dressed to the nines Cisco. She's doing very well first.

Sam: So it sounds like a Lord like the House of Lords. Lords.

Tom: That's a good Yeah, absolutely. It does. It does pain. That sort of a picture, doesn't it? Yeah, and people want her to tell them how things are gonna pan out. Are things gonna get better except at a horrible winter? And so that they're really, really trying to impress her. So she gets a porridge of kids milk hearts of all kinds of living creatures and delicious, founded, cooked for her or absolutely lovely.

Sam: Just what I like. My Quaker oats

Tom: quite quite correct. Quaker Oats and random animal

Sam: hearts. Tell you what, that redefines hearty breakfast. That's that's better. Some. Oh, I feel like a weight's been taken off my shoulders.

Tom: Yeah, excellent. She had She was given a knife with a handle of walrus tusk, which was mounted with two rings of brass. So they've they've really gone all out for this. For this lady on dhe. She's milking it as well. So they asked her. They asked what what you think is gonna happen. And she goes, I'm not sure. I'm not sure I'm gonna have to sleep on it. You gonna give me a fucking big breakfast in the morning? I know I might. I might condescend to giving you a prophecy or check

Sam: the only thing that will clear my thoughts. It's a nice jewelry and another nice yes. Toast on dhe Peanut butter is lovely. Oh, mysterious.

Tom: I feel something in my waters on sex. Actually, she goes, she goes to bed and then she gets up the next day and she says, Oh, I can't do this unless someone sings me The weird song,

Sam: The Kid's Song

Tom: I Shit You not It's the weird song wear pretty shaky here, Sam, that this is this translations from 18 80. So the guy that translated it, it's obviously translated the old Norse text into into Into English, and he's obviously chosen to translate this as the weird song. And it's not how weird. So she hasn't asked someone to sing Are Weird song. It's the weird song like it's known throughout. Viking Lands are not that fucking weird song again, like Baby Shark. So Hard Baby Do Did It, did it? Babies. It's It's just the weird. So

Sam: do we get the lyrics of the weird song by jumping ahead here? Do you know what the weird song is?

Tom: We don't sound, but I would. I know that your very musical you're far more musical than I am, and I wondered if you could postulate if you heard any weird songs on albums that you would potentially singing this opportunity.

Sam: Well, there's plenty of Pink Floyd. We could go back to Bed of Jethro Tull Agricultural Revolution inspired prog rock.

Tom: I was thinking of the bubble peaking album

Sam: Way went culturally in very different directions that way.

Tom: Yeah, the cheeky girls are widely perceived as one of the best bands ever. Are they very influential? Influence

Sam: open, he said. It was a good song. It was aware this Hong

Tom: You've heard the Beatleswhite album.

Sam: I have heard the Beatleswhite album.

Tom: There's that song that goes Number nine

Sam: Revolution of a nine year

Tom: Number nine. That's the weirdest. So, like, think off on as I was thinking of weird songs, I was just thinking what would await song sound like the only other weird song I think I could Think off, I would like to test you with Sam. I'd like you to tell me what what this weird song is. Let me allow me to clear my throat and put on my best chance and Dave and it isn't a chance. And Dave song, Okay, it's only a game show. Better believe I'm right. I'm going to be

Sam: snickering in soon. Bring you tonight

Tom: Big break. And that's the only thing I could think of. I'm singing the theme for

Sam: the purposes of the story. Go on, then. Let's pretend that the weird song that this priest s was dividing was the big break feeding shoe. For those who don't know, big break was kind of late eighties early nineties British game show revolving around the game of snooker

Tom: A little bit later at your sound, it ran into the two thousand's. Believe it a

Sam: fuck off, did it?

Tom: Absolutely did. I didn't believe that either, until I did a bit of research because I thought that would be really important. Historical research. Yeah, well, next week I was gonna do biography of Jim Davidson, so I'm hoping we're prepared for that. And it's interesting now that I re read this this song Rivera to read. I realize how much of a resemblance there is between Thorpe, John and John Virgo.

Sam: Margo Course again for the non initiated being the snooker trick shot the incredibly grumpy snooker trick shot player in the TV game show Big Break from the late eighties to the early noughties.

Tom: What I'm what I'm hoping sinus. If we achieve nothing with this podcast, and if nothing else is achieved, we get someone humming the theme tune to Big Break as they walk through Harvard and Yale to their history lecture. If I continue, if I could achieve that beating,

Sam: fuck me if anyone's using this and I'm talking, I said Thomas. There because tell you off, apparently. E. If anyone who's actually studying history listens to this podcast in the hopes of learning fucking anything, we are going straight to hell.

Tom: Havilland Load. Sam, I've learned heaps. I think history students should listen to this sound on I. I want If anyone from Harvard or Yale listens to this podcast, I'd like them to somehow messages. I don't know how this works, by the way, it sounds the media guru. Presumably you can message through a podcast. Can you? Do

Sam: you know what? We actually have an email address.

Tom: I'll do it. Excellent.

Sam: Yes, I set one up. It is a relatively simple email address. It's not quite simplest of E mail addresses. Causal. The ones that were directly related to a podcast were taken. So the email address is that was genius. Cast at gmail dot com.

Tom: Okay, that's

Sam: also a word that was genius. Cast at gmail dot com were also on Twitter. That was genius. So you can look us up on Twitter on Instagram.

Tom: That's the first I've heard of.

Sam: And on Twitter. Fuck it. I'll start a Twitter Twitter Instagram That was genius email. That was genius cast do send us an email with any old historical facts that you've got. Maybe we'll start slotting some audience. Fact is the end of the show.

Tom: I was nicely done. I like that. That's what Let's see how long it takes before we get a listener. Anyway, Where was I? That's right. She's asked someone to sing the big break theme June, the weird song on DDE that is all she knows, what she needed. She needed the big break theme tune on to inspire her on Dhe. Certainly she comes out with her with her prophecies Way go and she comes out. And it's a very, very, very good prophecy bearing in mind. This is the middle of winter, and generally what happens in spring is things get better, she says. In spring, things will get better. I'm so struck. May excellent prophecy. She's done well. They're on the head exploding. I know on the epidemic of fever is gonna get better as well. Which is again very unusual is winter passes into spring,

Sam: but only if you managed to sink the pink without hitting the yellow, getting it around the black on three reds Four

Tom: countries know What's new careers? Sam is quite big in Asia, isn't it? And it's big Australia and New Zealand. I think, know what not snooker is.

Sam: Yet when I do, the Mandarin translation of this podcast will be sure to pick audience

Tom: know most at most Asian peoples. And we now have better English than us on a really Andi states. Do they know what's new careers in the US?

Sam: I have no idea. But if you don't know what's new careers, it's like posh English pool with Maur, different colored balls. And it's much harder yet too much meditating, a

Tom: table, smaller pockets.

Sam: It's a bigger table, smaller pockets, more alcohol.

Tom: Yes, yeah, yeah, There's some good stories on their famous new players. You couldn't play without 10 pints of lager in the system because their hands shivered too much. If I hadn't drunk that much anyway, just a finish off Thorpe. John eventually does get to Eric, so he actually finds its way to the settlement that the Eric is living in. So that's a happy ending to that story, that journey by thought. But what happened to Eric? He's still alive, Sam, Don't you worry. That was way he's still alive for now.

Sam: That's been literally today.

Tom: I know. You know. He's not to be silly. So his son, he one of his sons is Leif Eriksson, who is probably the most well known person that we're gonna be talking about In the saga of Erik the Red. He sails to Norway as a child and he meets all F or left trunk trigger person. A bit of a mouthful, all of Trig person who's the King of Norway on the King of Norway, says I'd like you to go back to Green and and I don't like to spread Christianity throughout Greenland. So on the way back, Leif Eriksson is blown off course. Now this is is a very important, quite Sam. So I want you to pay attention. I'm gonna read this forward forward. So this is basically the discovery of the Americas 405 100 years before Columbus. The leaf set sail. As soon as he was ready, he was tossed about a long time out at sea and lighted upon lands of which before he had no expectation there were fields of wild wheat and vine tree in full growth. There were also the trees, which were called maples, and they gathered awful this certain tokens, some trunks so large that they were used in house building. Leaf came upon men who'd been shipwrecked and took them home with him and gave them sustenance during the winter on Ben, he finally finds his way back to Green. That's who basically gets blown off course accidentally finds himself in. Probably newfound land on you found under Labrador. Andi, think the same thing on the new found on and Labrador on Dhe. This is the best bit of that. That paragraph little quote is he finds other people. They're so Leif Eriksson has bean. He's their statues off him across across Canada and the U. S. A. I think as well. It's name is known as someone who discovered the Americans before Christopher Columbus, but when he actually turns up, there were two blokes already. There have also been blown off course. It's some funny, I think, but also actually a nice indication of how how much people were traveling. But just not writing it down.

Sam: That's amazing, isn't it, that Jen genuinely amazing and the fact that he got blown into roughly the same place that these two other guys had as well.

Tom: This is a common theme in this saga is they? Don't talk about that. There are no journey's really talked about that. Go swimmingly. There's a lot of being blown. Of course,

Sam: a lot of people ending up swimming as well. So we're going swimming like

Tom: they were just going all over the place that some of them are getting blown off course Toe island. Some of them getting blown back to Iceland. They're going all over the place.

Sam: Can I get 10 points as well? For not sniggering. When you said that people were being blown all over the place and tossed about on the way

Tom: you can you can have five points. Five points, five points. Five points for maturity.

Sam: I lost five points where they're mentioning it.

Tom: What house are you in, Sam? This always seems to come back to Harry Potter, which we know you've never read or watched. Which which house are you?

Sam: Why are you asking me which house? I only know two of them

Tom: just fine Because I need to give points to the house. I can't give the points to you. It goes to your house.

Sam: Fine. I am in, uh, harmful path. Okay. I have to be helpful. Possible? I couldn't decide which houses which therefore inherently makes me a hufflepuff.

Tom: Is that right? That's a trait of helpful puffers. Okay, so I'm five points to huff a puff, they go sense you get five points for hufflepuff. Sweet. You're very puff students up yours, Griffin door. Anyway, So they a lot of being blown about, You know, a lot of a lot of unhappy blowing sand. Yeah. Eso leaf eventually gets back to Iceland. Leif Eriksson with presumably these two people whose picked up he reaches home. So that's fantastic. And he starts spreading Christianity and his dad, Eric the red is having none of it, you know, he likes thought he likes his Norse gods. They're great. They know they've got big hammers, and they, you know, they're constantly going around fighting. And things like that is great. Funny doesn't want this boring pacifist. Jesus, chap on Valhalla. Sounds brilliant. Are bloody right. It sounds great. Is much more exciting. Unfortunately for for Eric the red his wife does go for Christianity on basically says I should you know, he says the Eric, You've got to turn over to Christianity or, you know, get any sex.

Sam: Oh well,

Tom: that that is exactly what is Unless unless the word intercourse is meant as in conversation. That is exactly what it said. She says. No intercourse for you because you believe in the North cops.

Sam: Oh, that's harsh, isn't it?

Tom: Harsh treatment, But he clearly did like his North. Scott's cozy by the sounds of it. He kept with him. He went, he went from no sex s. So that's the story of Leif Eriksson. That's the discovery of North America prior to Columbus. Now we get the next we get the final journey in the saga of Erik the Red. Then therefore, chaps involved four main chaps. They're actually 100 60 men involved in this journey, and it's an attempt to settle the lands around we found on the Labrador that have been discovered on before. Leaders of this group of 160 men call Self Ni, I think is placed story, and that's spelled S N o R. Wife. So this isn't the chap who soared beyond me and four Hall, and I like thoughtful four whole sounds like a nice chap. I want to give you a quote about for a while if I can find it. Four Hall was a big man, dark and of gaunt appearance Rather advanced in years, overbearing in temper, off melancholy mood silent at all times underhand in his dealings on with all given to abuse and always inclined towards the worst.

Sam: It sounds like your found the Viking your

Tom: But yes, we got a thought. So they go with 100 60 men. Now, this this bit again, Like the two people that have discovered by Leif Eriksson. They actually find the keel of a ship in North America when they start traveling around there. So again, it looks like other Norsemen have actually been there so that it looks like other people have actually been there. Unless the keel of the ship is from some of the native humans were gonna come onto shortly. So anyway, this there's a lot of description of how these four men and their their band of 160 other men, it's not exploring the coastline and start going further afield on Dad. At one point, the ships come ashore, they all come ashore on. They've got to presumably Scottish people. They're called Scotch in the translation, but I'm guessing that just means Scots. And they had two Scotts of a Given and given to them by All off Trig Trig. Listen and these two Scots and no talk known for being so they fleet footed good runners, and they're so the two of them sent off just to explore the land. And they go away for three days and they come back and they describe in a land of wheat and grapes. Have really sort of beautiful at that goes. That's what it's similar to what we've heard from from Leif Eriksson, who said that there was wheat and lots of great vines, and we got a description of what these guys wearing the Scottish Scottish runners. It sounds rather comfortable. Where is the quote? Samuel, You might have to edit out this pores, and I start trying to find the quote.

Sam: I cannot get out. I'm glad that you mentioned that there were natives as well. Not that I would wish ill upon any natives, but it's gonna be a poor Viking trip that doesn't involve just a little bit of rape and pillage. There's not much there for them otherwise, is that

Tom: they actually come out on the worst side here. They don't actually too. Well, get too well here. Here we go. Here we get. So this is what the Scottish people were wearing. So presumably this was a sort of address that these runners enjoyed, enjoyed running in it was made with the hood at the top, open at the sides without sleeves, is and was fastened between the legs. So I think it was basically like a giraffe onesie that they'd picked up from matter land.

Sam: That was the impression that I got Yeah, kind of like one of these bodybuilders hoodies that sleeveless, but also has kind of a button up. Got it at the bottom like her baby's onesie. Yet exactly absolutely based size that is very attractive.

Tom: Would you? So that that's what that clearly was. Good running gear, anyway, So they get a fix on. They have a difficult winter. So that's there exploring all these lands. They have a difficult winter, and we get an incident where four hall goes often is found singing a song, lying down on the floor, singing a song and it's basically

Sam: snickering you. I'm not the fucking wait. So again, Oh, always going around that

Tom: hates that weird. So I said, the other people have been praying to God. They've been praying to God to help them through the winter. Thoughtful buggers. Often he starts singing a song to Thor on learn Behold a massive wail beaches and they all get start getting stuck into this whale that I fucked. This is brilliant. We've been starving or winter in this massive Wales turned up feast with

Sam: this Helga. The fact that no health is still beautiful,

Tom: Helga The fact that shipment

Sam: on goal of second tucked in No, that I

Tom: took him to help

Sam: my retrial. That's horrible. It's a bad thing to say

Tom: that was fattest. Yep. You can't be fattest.

Sam: I'm leaving. It

Tom: thought whole starts to gloat, so he starts to say, Hey, you and your God didn't do much for you, Didn't even I starts, you know, singing my song to Thorne. Number hold. We get, we get a bloody whale and when everyone else finds out, that's how they got there. Whale. They stop eating it, they go. Oh, hold on. Hold on. We don't want your bloody pagan whale. We've all turned Christianity. There's a nice undertone here. Isn't a start reading between the lines and you see this message that's been delivered by whoever wrote this originally sort of secondary source. You know, there's an undertone of pagans, a bad be a Christian. So you've got that sort of subplot going on

Sam: finding undertones of sanctimonious. Frankly,

Tom: it's sanctimonious pricks. Everyone likes a sanctimonious prick we get, We come to summertime, the party splits and poor old thoughtful he's blown off course. He goes Toe Island that he died so he doesn't. Nothing really good comes to the poor. Thoughtful, the miserable gets everyone else carry on. They find some goods. Braatz. They find a fact that Fantastics bought with lots of lots of food, lots of fresh water, lots of fish from all accounts, is a fantastic place to stay for a couple of months. On one morning they wake up, they find nine canoes, and here we go. I've got another quote for yourself. Get edited as I try and find it. Although I found that one quite quickly, then call, Stephanie said. What will this be? A token story answered him. It may be that this is a token of peace, that just on I've got the wrong fucking quote. Every

Sam: time whilst you're doing this, I'm gonna calculate how many football pitches the grumpy, old, the or got blown off course by to end up in Ireland

Tom: will be a year. Absolutely will be a lot. Apparently, eat meets his end there as well. He turns up in Ireland. They just kill him anyway. I can't find the quote, Sam. I can't bowl. I can't be bothered trying to find this quits, but they find a really nice spot on done. Some of the natives who they were calling SK railings on did a bit of research on scrape wings on they looked like a pre innuit or proto in you it sort of ethnicities. These with the natives of this area of Greenland. A little bit later on, there was more scrapings turn up and they start looking to trade. There's a big a big interaction between a load of these Kree Ling's and on the Viking settlers, there's a lot of trade in the Viking Say no, we're not gonna sell any of our weapons for obvious reasons, but they states exchange silks and furs and fabrics in all those other things Later. Steele, we get another incident where a bull escapes from this little settlement from the Vikings on this bull scares the screenings. So the scribblings of shit scared of this bull? Three weeks later, all hell breaks loose. I think the SK railings have decided enough is enough. And they turn up or mass in the canoes at with missiles and cap hopes. And how advanced is that? So you know,

Sam: it's quite advanced.

Tom: Absolutely. So they've got these. These missiles, they seem to be thrown. They've got catapults, by all accounts. And they had to bring

Sam: intrepid shay to an ax fight.

Tom: Yeah. Yeah. I wonder how big it was. I mean, I I had images of a trippy shake when they said they were catapults, but I think I'm not sure. One on a canoe. Exactly.

Sam: No, It's a logistical problem, isn't it? Yeah.

Tom: You might need a couple of canoes for

Sam: after dinner sketched out a design. I'm going to be very careful how we designed this.

Tom: Yeah, way Don't want any stormy seas. So they continue journeying on. This is a bit weird. They find some more scraping. Sam, this is the final sort of interaction with some scrapings. After they have this

Sam: weird. You're in the country of the screenings are shit. There's some stray ling's fuck. May

Tom: you wait that these three stray ling's have a chest full of blood on animal marrow. Oh, delicious. I know. Very odd and presumably by chest. We're talking about like a wooden chest on Dhe said Yes. So they've got a chest full of blood and marrow. Very, very strange on we have the final sort of the final interaction with some scrapings where the Vikings they're carrying on their journeys, they find a family of scribblings on the coast. And what you do when you find a family of scrapings on the coast, Sam, you kidnapped their two kids. Of course,

Sam: this is the Vikings. I'm not entirely surprised.

Tom: Yeah, there you go. All alone up there, but interestingly from these kids. And this is where it gets fun for people who like adventuring, like exploration.

Sam: I was having fun already. Don't put yourself down.

Tom: This is even more fun. This is even more adventurous. Here's a quote the kids. They said moreover, that there was land on the other side over against their land. And the people there were dressed in white garments, uttered loud cries, bear long poles and more fringes. This was supposed to be white man's land. So you think this is fantastic, isn't it? We've got these Vikings in far lands that they haven't really explored very much in their game. Stories of people even further afield, fantastic, with poles with poles and weed fringes. And that they're called white man white men s. So he gets to stories of these people and that they weren't poses in Eastern European sound. Stop being silly.

Sam: Oh, they got big long sticks.

Tom: Yeah, they did. Yeah, yeah, I guess that's what Pole is. A big log stick. We get one strange little little paragraph, which just sounds. It just sounds like a a bit of rubbish. To be quite frank, Sam. Something that the authors putting eggs. It sounds good. If anyone who's read about sort of medieval journeys, you may have come across some of the fantastical creatures and monsters that were on Napa Monday. I and they were in plenty. The elder which obviously is an ancient source, is he? A door of Seville has lots of fantastic creatures and they all talk about Monica Potts. This is one of the fantastic creatures which is a a human with one leg who hops around and lies on

Sam: Wow, I can't believe it

Tom: on They lie on their back and they put their feet up on it, shades them from the sun And they're actually in The Chronicles of Narnia. So their armada pods in the void of the dawn treader if you've If you've read The Chronicles of Narnia, I'm sorry, but this is a very, very strange little sort of paragraph that doesn't really fit in with the rest of it. So I can't help but feel like it was dovetailed into the story to please a few to please a few listeners. Anyway, after this, after they've had their sort of incidents with disc railings, they just decided enough is enough. This is too difficult. In new founder and Labrador, we're getting too much too many issues with the locals. There are too many one they give people hopping around, causing a nuisance, were bugging off back to Iceland and they go back to Iceland and and there ends that final final journey of the saga of Erik the Red. There you go. So

Sam: I love that. I thought I was excellent.

Tom: I did enjoy reading the saga of Erik the Red. I do recommend it, so it is quite fun

Sam: asses the 18th century translation for the 19th century translation of it.

Tom: So this is a translation from 18 80 into English by J. Sefton from the original Icelandic attic saga Rhoda. And that was pronounced in perfect Icelandic

Sam: was pronounced in perfect Icelandic. That's a really good title in In in Icelandic, that is a strong king. Title

Tom: it exactly. Ruda. Yeah, I've been really impressed by the way sound humble. How long's it been since we were studying History University? What, 12 years? 10 years?

Sam: Yes, it was 2000 and 72,080. Graduated Something like that.

Tom: I honestly I think it's a hell of lot easier 10 years later to find these sort of sources. So all of these four, all of these sources up, I've been reading for true of us up in reading Plutarch and you get all for free online on Dhe. There's a fantastic website website. I never came across one of the university on I think it's called Vibrio evokes or it's called vibrio box on its lots of voluntary audio books of thes primary secondary sources. 1000 texts. It's fantastic. I highly recommend it. You say you can go and listen to Plutarch. Bloody brilliant, free of charge.

Sam: Fantastic. And they do they say in they speak in modern English or

Tom: yes, it's obviously not Latino, but they're sort of their people reading presumably out of copyright translations of these texts. So that perfectly understandable comprehended there. They're very good to listen to.

Sam: Amazing. And that, by the way, is not a paid sponsorship that is genuinely a I'm hoping unless they have just slipped you 10 quid. That is a genuine recommendation, Tom.

Tom: I'm thinking my middle name is on the state's time, not me. That's the podcast on journeys. I guess Sam

Sam: is I I've thoroughly enjoyed this week. I enjoyed reading about it. I enjoyed speaking about I've enjoyed listening to it

Tom: on. Did what did we grief? Next week, we were gonna do 10.

Sam: We're going to do historical tender dates. Yeah, which is another one that I was really excited for. So I think we can construct the definition of a little bit too bromance as well as romance.

Tom: That's grinder. I think there's grinded dates.

Sam: Well, we can do historical grind the dates, but I think that might limit us to the Romans and the Greeks, who he who were very, very into that kind of thing. Historical, historical, tinder dates and bromance is, I think, is next week's topic.

Tom: Excellent. I look forward to that as well.

Sam: Yeah, very much so. Well, thank you very much for tuning into Episode two and 1/2 slash three off. That was genius with Sam and Tom again. If you do want to get in touch with us, if there's anything that you've discovered about history, that's really funny and you want us to mention at the end of the podcast we would love to hear some of your historical facts, or I would I'm making this up as I go along. We haven't agreed with this beforehand.

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