Do you provide transcriptions?


We really want to, but not yet I'm afraid. We're trialling various services and solutions (automated and human), but it's a balance between spending quite a lot of money on something we're currently doing for the love of it, or spending a lot of time doing it ourselves. Our transcripts typically run to around 15 pages, so it's not an easy task to fit in around day jobs!


Unfortunately, even with automated transcriptions it can take several hours to tidy up one episode as a result of our accents and the fact we use a lot of wordplay and proper nouns which confuse computers. On the other hand, we've had humans bounce back episodes because they don't like transcribing all the swearing.


Rest assured, as soon as we get some money rolling in, transcription is a top priority.


When do you release episodes?


We release new episodes at 5am GMT every Thursday. Every. Single. Week.


I use this app and you aren't on it?


Let us know and we'll get in touch with them.


What apps are you on?


Glad you asked, here's a link:


I want to buy you a beer.


That's very kind of you, although Tom's a PT in his day job so he'd probably prefer a kale smoothie or something.


We're in the process of setting up a Patreon type thing for you lovely people.


I want to buy you dinner.


Steady now.


I have a podcast and want to cross promote, are you DTF?


Yeah, sure, I mean maybe, why not. Pop us an email at


Can I stalk your podcast on other apps?


If you must. We're on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


What do you do when you aren't doing this?


Tom is a personal trainer, and Sam makes podcasts and radio shows for other people. - here's Tom – Here's Sam

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