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If it Says it in The Bible (Slavery Week) - That Was Genius Episode 27

August 1, 2019

WARNING: This episode contains references to sources which use language in common use at the time, but which would be considered offensive and derogatory today.

Which isn't surprising, because today we're tackling the grim topic of slavery, which was abolished in the British Empire on August 1st 1834. Tom kicks us off with a very odd book from a chap called Josiah Priest, an American who was almost as obsessed about slavery as he was about genitalia and sexual perversions in the bible.

Meanwhile Sam goes over some of the odd pro-slavery propaganda used by the pro-slavery lobby in the lead-up to abolition, from plays about how wonderful slave owners were (there may or may not be a musical number) to speeches to parliament about what a good life the slaves led in captivity. And, of course, getting one over on the French. Which totally makes the whole thing ok, right!?

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