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One Dead President and a Scottish Woman’s Bottom (Spooky week) - That Was Genius Episode 42

November 14, 2019

Cor Blimey Guv'nor, it's a Holy Ghost! Which, fact of the day, is Cockney rhyming slang for, erm... Toast.

Yes, it's Spooky week, which has absolutely nothing to do with that other scary holiday a couple of weeks back. In a horrifying twist, Sam goes first this week, with a look at the Hammersmith Ghost Murder of 1804 - the hunt for a spook haunting a graveyard that left one very much alive painter and decorator very much actually dead.

Next, Tom takes a look at some of the ridiculous Mediums of Victorian Britain - oddballs and con artists like Helen Duncan and Eva Carriera who claimed to be communicating with the dead, whilst actually just lightly assaulting their victims with paper maché heads, fake arms, their real toes, and ectoplasm made of old rags which were hidden somewhere very, very scary indeed.

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