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The Purple Headed Wibbler in the Garden (Vegetables Week) - That Was Genius Episode 31

August 28, 2019

It's vegetables week! No, we're not sure why either. 

Tom kicks us off by looking at Priapus (and his collection of poems The Priapeia), Rome's bad-tempered and EXTREMELY well endowed garden-protecting gnome-God. His poetry is really quite something, and leaves very little to the imagination.

Meanwhile Sam's been learning about the vegetable lamb of Tartary, a stupid medieval monster that's about as threatening as it sounds, and which people believed in for far, FAR too long.

Mentions in this episode... We talk briefly about the film pumping iron, and Arnold Schwarzenegger's bizarre rant about coming.

Aaand here's a Google image search of Alan Titchmarsh. You're welcome?!

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