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The Soily Fondue Jazz Quartet (Treasure week) - That Was Genius Episode 45

December 5, 2019

What if the real treasures are the friendships we make along the way?

Nah. Gold is much more valuable. Gold and cheese.

This week we're discussing buried treasure, from the sublime to the slightly ridiculous. Tom kicks us off with a look at Samuel Peyps' diary - the world famous musings of a man equally interested in bureaucracy, great fires of London, and his own bowel movements. We explore the lengths he went to in order to keep his gold, wine and, erm, Parmesan cheese safe from a fiery inferno. And also the Dutch.

Next, Sam takes us to Afghanistan for the incredible story behind the Bactrian Hoard, a one-in-a-lifetime ancient treasure trove of gold that was found, lost, and found again hidden under the noses of the Taliban - a story with a particularly Indiana Jones-esque twist.

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