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Toilet Paper of the Ancients (discovery week) - That Was Genius Episode 40

October 31, 2019

History is all about discoveries. From scientific breakthroughs, to new philosophies and ideas, to finding out what women get up to in sleepovers and finding wads of classic work used as loo roll.

And yes, the last two are our stories for this week, as we explore the topic of discovery. Tom kicks us on with a look at the Oxyrhynchus papyri (good luck spelling that drunk), an incredible archaeological horde of classical and lost texts from Egypt, which over the centuries found themselves thrown away, and even used as toilet paper.

Meanwhile, Sam discovered the Bona Dea incident this week - an ancient Roman sex-scandal which saw a randy, cross-dressing young senator sneak into a top-secret, women only festival in order to try and get off with Julius Caesar's wife. Which didn't go well.

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